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How To Convert A Commercial Truck Into A House On Wheels

Are you looking for a way to live more simply and cheaply, while indulging your love of travel? The tiny house movement is attracting a lot of people with the same ambitions. While many tiny house enthusiasts choose to build their micro-homes in a fixed location on a piece of land, others have a sense of wanderlust. The tiny house movement attracts them because of the ability it affords to have a comfortable, well-appointed house you can take with you wherever you go. There are numerous ways to do this that don't involve living in an RV. One way that is popular with people who want to build as cheaply as possible while still having a high quality house is to convert a commercial truck into a home.

If the idea of living and traveling in a converted commercial truck appeals to you, here's how to make that vision a reality.

1. Find a Truck of the Appropriate Size for Your Needs and Sketch Your Floor Plan

Take stock of what you will need to live comfortably, get rid of anything you don't want or need, and consider if anyone else will be living with you, including pets. This will let you know if you need a small truck or a larger one. According to, once you've determined a size, you should sketch your plans for the interior and mark the places where interior walls will go with chalk.

You can find commercial trucks for sale in a variety of places. Online classified ads, wholesalers, online auction sites, dealers like Arrow Truck Sales, and trucking companies that are looking to sell off old inventory are all good sources. If you shop around, you can often find a good deal that will allow you to have a home you own free and clear, without making payments. Living in a home you own outright is also part of the appeal of the tiny house movement.

2. Set Up Your Water and Electricity Sources

These will be your biggest concerns in living in a converted truck. You want those modern conveniences. As for the water, you can take a page from RV construction and use refillable water tanks. You will install these under the truck and use them for bathing, cooking, washing dishes, and drinking. Install a water filter on your sink faucet for drinking the water.

Water tanks for RVs hold a lot of liquid. Once it's all used up, you will refill the tanks at the nearest rest stop or camping area. If you have a friend or family member who is letting you park in their driveway or yard, they may let you use their garden hose to refill your water tanks.

For electricity, go totally off the grid by installing solar panels on the roof and wiring the interior of the truck so that your outlets draw power from them. If you don't know how to do this yourself, hire an electrical contractor to do it for you.

3. Add an Exterior Door and Windows

Cut spaces for one exterior door on the side of the truck, and as many windows as you like. Use store bought or salvaged doors and windows to finish out the spaces and give your home some natural light.

3. Finish Up the Inside

Put up walls, flooring, and a ceiling using your preferred materials. The best walls are made from lumber framing. Your plumbing and electrics should be behind the walls, as should your insulation to keep your truck home at a nice temperature all year long.

Add lighting, install cabinets and appliances, and put up interior doors. Add your furniture and decorations, and you've got a very nice home to suit your lifestyle and needs.


Commercial truck living can be very comfortable. You have the entire frame for your house already made for you. All you have to do is fill it in, and your imagination is your only limit. Whether you prefer luxury or austerity, commercial truck living can provide it to you. Start building yours today and indulge your wanderlust while living mortgage-free.

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