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5 Truck Upgrades To Help With Mobility

When you purchase a new truck, you aren't limited to what you see on the lot. Many custom features and upgrades can be added to your vehicle to make it easier or more enjoyable to use. For people with low mobility, you can have a number of upgrades installed right at the dealer. These upgrades will help you access all parts of the truck and make it easy to enter and exit.

Costs vary, but a number of dealers can help you get started on the following five truck upgrades.

Nerf Bars & Running Bars

For people with low mobility, climbing up into a truck on a daily basis can be a huge struggle. The installation of a step bar can help make the climb a lot easier. Along with multiple types of bars, there are additional features to enhance their use.

  • Nerf Bars: These are small one step bars installed directly under the door. The bars can be installed on both the driver's side and passenger's side. They also feature rubberized grips for easier climbing.
  • Running Bars: Inside of a single step, a running bar goes across the whole side of the truck. A running bar allows you to step up into the truck or access the bed of the truck with ease.
  • Automatic Bars: The bars can be installed permanently or with a motorized mechanism. When attached to a motor, the bars will automatically flip outwards when a door is opened or if it is activated by a remote.

Powered Tailgate

People with low mobility may struggles to open and shut a heavy tailgate on a daily basis. Upgrading to a powered tailgate may be the best solution. With a powered tailgate, the tailgate will rise and close in a slow motion. This is all controlled by a remote, so no physical effort is needed. The power system in the tailgate prevents the tailgate from slamming or crashing down into the bumper of the truck.

Along with the powered tailgate, it's easy to attach a small step ladder to the inside of the tailgate. When the tailgate flips open, you can climb up into the back of the truck without taking a giant step.

Steering Wheel Column Extensions

Reaching for a steering wheel can cause a lot of strain in the arms and back. This is especially true if you drive for extended lengths of time. A Ford dealer can help alleviate that pain by selling you a truck with steering wheel column extensions installed. The extension will place the steering wheel closer to your body without having to compromise on your leg length.

There are multiple sizes of the column extension. It's a good idea to sit in the truck and see where the most comfortable position is at. A dealer can help you make the final selection.

Floor Upgrades

The basic flooring of a truck cab may not have the proper grip for someone with low mobility. During bad weather like rain, this can create some danger when water is introduced. The whole front cab of a truck can have new flooring installed. One of these options is a permanent carpet floor. The carpet offers betters grip, can absorb moisture, and is softer to step on for people dealing with leg pains.

As an alternative to carpet, you can select a custom rubber grip floor. This type of flooring features raised grippers to get better access while you climb aboard the truck and move around inside.

Motorized Seats

One of the more basic upgrades you can select for a truck is motorized seats. These seats allow you to adjust the height and position with just a few buttons. Not only can it make sitting and driving the truck more comfortable, but it can help you access storage and seating areas behind the front seat.

Instead of lifting levers and manually moving the seat, a motorized seat can automatically adjust and give you access to the back. This type of feature helps prevent strain and overuse of muscles.

Depending on your mobility issues, it may be a good idea to look into one or more of these truck upgrades. All of the upgrades allow you to enjoy the benefits of a truck without extra pain or discomfort. For more information, contact a truck dealer like Milo Peterson Ford Co.

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