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Pimp Out Your Pickup With A Purpose! 3 Mud Digger Upgrades

The purchase of a truck is a great option for business and home owners. From hauling equipment to picking up new furniture, it is easy to see how the pickup truck can come in handy. Of course, many truck owners want to take their truck on an off-road adventure. Unfortunately, a standard pickup may not be able to handle the harsh terrain or dense mud. Using this guide on 4x4 upgrades, you can pimp out your pickup truck for a true mud-digging purpose.

Lift That Bad Boy Up!

Traditional trucks vary in their lift gate, but the majority of these standard models are not capable of trudging through tough land, thick mud, or sandy areas. To ensure your pickup is ready for your off-road trip, you will need to install a lift kit.

Your new suspension lift kit will offer the following benefits:

  • Enhanced Clearance – Your truck will require a larger clearance between the ground and your truck's underbody. This prevents damage to your truck when climbing large rocks and hills or moving through challenging trails. Unfortunately, adding clearance can also change your truck's center of gravity, leading to driving difficulty.
  • Ample Space for Tires – In most cases, you will want to upgrade your tires to a 4x4-friendly set. A suspension lift kit will ensure you have the proper space for mounting larger tires.
  • Tough Appeal – The suspension lift kit will create a more rugged appeal for your regular pickup. With a higher clearance and larger tires, your standard model truck will become an extraordinary mud-digger.

Due to these changes, it may take some trial and error to correctly adjust your lift. While you may be able to handle the installation and adjustment, hiring an automotive technician who specializes in lift kits is smart.

Tires that Scream Tough!

As stated earlier, turning your basic truck into an off-road vehicle requires larger, 4x4-friendly tires. Before deciding on your new tires, consider when and where you will be driving your pickup truck.

If you are updating your truck to use solely for your off-road hobby, select specialty tires designed for the mud, sand, or trail. Most owners do not have the luxury of owning a pickup used only for their 4x4 adventure, though.

To pimp out your truck to use both on and off road, all-terrain tires are your best option. All-terrain tires offer the strength and durability necessary for light off-roading, but can easily handle normal, everyday street driving. It is important to note that all-terrain tires will not perform well in extreme conditions such as mud, deep snow, or rocky trails.

Don't Be A Tool! Include Safety Supplies in Your Toolbox

Having fun during your off-road adventure is fine, but be responsible and prepare for potential emergencies. Ensure your pickup has a toolbox or space inside for storing tools and supplies.

Your toolbox should contain the following before embarking on any 4x4 trip:

  • Straps – No matter how pimped out your pickup is, you may become stuck in the mud, dirt, or snow. A few sets of two straps inside your toolbox are beneficial if, and when, your truck gets stuck.
  • Battery Charger – If your pickup is stuck in the mud, your battery can quickly run down. Pack a portable battery charger inside your toolbox to recharge your truck.
  • First Aid Items – Every vehicle should have a miniature first aid kit, but they should be priorities in 4x4 trucks. Purchase an inexpensive starter first aid kit or build one on your own with bandages, alcohol wipes, and ibuprofen. Considering you may be outdoors for long periods, a can of bug repellent spray can be helpful.

For some people, off-roading is not just a hobby, but a part of life. Using this list, you can pimp out your pickup truck and get it ready for many 4x4 adventures. For more information, talk to the staff at an auto shop or at a dealership like Metro Ford.

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