Let Your Lights Shine

Working In The Dead Zone: Why It’s Crucial You Know What To Do When You Pass A Tow Truck On The Road

When you're driving down the road and you pass an ambulance or police car, you know the rules. You slow down, you pull into the other lane, and you stay alert as you travel on by. What do you do when you see a tow truck working on the side of the road, though? If you aren't sure, don't feel bad. A lot of people don't know.  The Trouble With Being A Secondary Responder Read More 

4 Crucial Steps to Keep Your RV’s Septic Tanks Healthy

Most dedicated RV enthusiasts love to think about the freedom provided by their motorhomes and campers, but this freedom can't be maintained if you don't care for your RV. One facet of RV care that cannot be ignored: septic systems. While it might seem rather gross to think about, nothing can ruin a vacation or weekend getaway faster than a faulty sewer operation. Take care of your RV's septic tanks and your RV will take care of you. Read More 

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Let Your Lights Shine

When I buy a vehicle, I like to keep it for as many years as possible. However, as time passes, some things are bound to wear down on my cars. For instance, I’ve owned a white sedan for over thirteen years now. After about eight years, my car lights became dull and foggy looking. Besides being unappealing, the worn lights made for difficult night driving. My husband, the mechanic in my family, applied a solution to my lights. Now, they shine like new again. On this blog, you will learn how to bring the life back into older dull lights. Enjoy the ride!



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